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It is a known fact that properties lose heat through inefficient windows, which is why many homeowners choose to invest in energy efficient double glazing. A great investment for your home, energy efficient windows will help add value to your property as well as reducing those monthly bills.

New Space Windows and Conservatories use window energy ratings to show how energy efficient our products are. All our windows are tested on their efficiency at retaining heat. The energy rating scheme was initially created by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), it was set in place as a guide to allow purchasers to make a well-informed choice on the windows they buy.

Every part of a window is evaluated, including the casement and frame which are rated on their energy saving properties. Detailing how much energy a window will save or lose once it has been installed, positive and negative values are also used. A positive value will represent a window which is very energy efficient, however, all values will depend on the building and local climate.

Cost will inevitably depend on ratings and materials used, as well as the style and size of a window. However, you need to consider how much energy you could be saving – energy efficient windows may cost more but they will help you to save money long term.

At New Space Windows and Conservatories, we set a high standard for all our windows. Manufactured to be as energy efficient as possible, our windows will allow you to contribute to a greener environment. With less energy escaping your home, you will be generating less fuel which will rapidly reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money on your heating bills.

All New Space Windows and Conservatories windows are supplied and fitted with our 10 Year Insurance Back Guarantee as standard

Aluminium windows are sought out for their durability and versatility. Unlike wooden or uPVC windows, aluminium windows consist of ultra slim- lines, allowing them to be made into virtually any style.  This added flexibility means that in terms of design, Aluminium windows naturally surpass their wooden and uPVC counterparts.

Recent technological advancements have allowed aluminium windows to reach new innovative levels of design and structure. Available in an extensive range of styles and designs, their strength to weight ratio allows them to be moulded into any requested shape or colour.

Incredibly strong, aluminium windows will provide your property with maximum protection against air infiltration, and water damage. Unlike traditional materials, they are more resilient to outside elements.

Aluminium windows will even allow you to contribute to a greener environment; their sustainable qualities make them infinitely recyclable. As a material, aluminium is very environmentally friendly.

If you are looking to maintain the character of your property, then aluminium windows are an excellent choice. A thermally efficient alternative to steel windows, they will provide you with similar aesthetics, so you can be in keeping with the character of your property.

All our Aluminium windows are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.

What is the difference between uPVC and PVCu?

A favourite amongst homeowners, uPVC windows are recommended for their versatile design. Extremely durable, these windows are tough and resilient – enhancing the security of your home. uPVC frames are incredibly strong, so your home will not be left vulnerable to damage or break-ins.

Available in a wide range of styles, uPVC windows will allow you to maintain the character of your home, complementing its existing style. Not only are uPVC windows admired for their aesthetic qualities, but they are also praised for their excellent insulation properties. Energy efficient, these windows will allow you to save precious energy, helping you to save money on those dreaded energy bills.

Unlike wooden windows which require repainting and refilling, uPVC will never rot or warp. A quick wipe clean is all that is required to keep these windows in top working condition. Convenient and time- saving, uPVC windows are perfect for busy households.

New Space Windows and Conservatories have varied a collection of stylish designs. Our attractive range features wonderful decorative lead and glass designs; choose from a range of coloured, patterned, bevelled and obscuring glass styles. Our windows even come with an option of different configurations and openings so whatever your personal preferences, you are sure to find the perfect uPVC windows for your home.

We have many years’ experience within the Double-glazing industry and pride ourselves on our reputable services. Brilliantly priced, New Space Windows and Conservatories will provide you with affordable double glazing. All our uPVC windows are manufactured to the highest quality, so we can provide you with double glazing that will help keep your home safe and secure. All our uPVC windows are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.

Triple glazed windows are known to be more energy efficient than modern double glazing and this statement becomes highly obvious when we consider how they are constructed. Unlike double glazed windows, which consist of two panes of glass (with a layer of gas in-between), triple glazed windows are constructed from three panes of glass, including two gas layers. It is this additional pane of glass and gas cavity which provides effective thermal insulation, making triple glass windows highly energy efficient.

Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

  • Saving Energy. Allowing for a high level of solar heat gain, triple glazed windows will capture heat from the sun during the day which will aid you in heating your home. Preventing heat from escaping your home, these windows have excellent insulation qualities and surpass the maximum ‘A’ window energy rating.
  • Security. The added pane of glass will ensure that your windows are strong and well protected in case of any break-ins.
  • Eliminating Draughts. These energy efficient windows will ensure that all draughts and cold spots are eliminated. Their insulation properties will also help to reduce outside noise whilst minimising noise from within your home.

Did you know that 26% of all heat loss within your home is lost through windows? By reducing heat loss you’ll keep your energy bills down. No longer will you be using vast amounts of energy to heat your home because with triple glazed windows, your home will stay warm day and night. Helping the environment and your wallet! All our Triple Glazed windows are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.

Excellent alternatives to traditional sliding windows, vertical sliding sash windows were designed to be energy efficient – something their older counterparts failed to deliver. In keeping with the classic Georgian style, vertical sliding sash windows allow you to benefit from the classic aesthetics, without the associated risks of droughts or poor security. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now experience this sophisticated style with all the added benefits of modern uPVC materials.

Our innovative design features sliding upper and lower panes which tilt to enable safe and easy cleaning. Our vertical sliding sash windows come in a choice of colours, as do the handles, allowing you to choose a style which is in keeping with your homes existing style.

Available with advanced locking technology, our vertical sliding sash windows will help protect your home against any break-ins. Featuring expert locks which are embedded within the framework, your property will not be vulnerable to damage.

Fashionable and functional, vertical sliding sash windows really do look just as good as their original counterparts and whilst these windows greatly complement period style properties, enhancing their stately feel, they also lend much character to modern style properties. All our Vertical Sliding Sash Windows are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.

New Space Windows and Conservatories remarkable range of high quality wooden casement and sash windows are crafted to add character, style and beauty to your home. We combine traditional high-quality joinery design with up-to-date manufacturing and quality control processes. This means that all our windows look outstanding, whether we are matching existing joinery, adding a new style or returning your home to the way it originally looked.

The choice is just as impressive as the style and looks, with a whole range of classic window designs and a host of options from which to choose, any glass required for your timber windows can be single, double or triple glazed to control its look and thermal efficiency. each one fully finished with your choice window furniture.

Whatever your preference, your timber windows will be supplied stained or painted for durability and weather sealed to keep out draughts and retain heat in your home.

All our Timber windows are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.