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Bi-fold patio doors have become a must-have feature in many new build homes and are a great idea for anyone wanting an extension or re vamp of a current room. They can transform a dark room into an inviting space that brings the great outdoors right inside your living area. One obvious benefit is the amount of natural light that floods in when they are closed and even more so when they are fully open.

They are effortless to operate and once fully opened they create a seamless indoor/outdoor space which is great for relaxing or entertaining at house parties or BBQs when you or guests want to drift in and out of the garden.

New Space Windows & Conservatories offer uPVC & Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors that will create an instant talking point in any home and are best suited to a conservatory, glass extension or orangery. By discretely folding to the sides they can open fully, allowing you unrestricted access to your patio area or garden. Our uPVC & Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors, when closed, create a glass wall effect that allows a greater amount of light into your home, allowing you to gain more enjoyment from your garden whatever the weather.

Many early examples of conservatories incorporate double French doors to not only provide access but also let in light and air. Integrating Bi-fold doors into a conservatory significantly enhances the level of access, light and air permitted and that is why more and more homeowners are moving away from the norm of French doors and specifying their Bi-folding counterparts when investing in a new conservatory. Bi-fold doors are particularly suited to a lean-to style of conservatory as the shape and dimensions of the latter often allow more scope for wider Bi-fold doors with three or more panes.

French Doors are a classic feature to any home; however, they might not work in every household, and they can certainly have their drawbacks, especially when compared to the more flexible and secure option of a Bi-fold door setup. French Doors offer the latest in stylish home improvement – giving you a practical way to let more light into your home and easy access to your garden or patio area. French doors might be better suited to older properties, as there are generally more options available regarding framing and styles of glass, but Bi-fold doors are becoming more popular in older properties, even though they are perceived by many as a more modern alternative, especially in older homes with modern extensions.

The main benefit of French Doors, meanwhile, is that they are generally more affordable and easy to install. You may already live in a home that have French Doors installed, in which case, removing the old door combination and installing a new one is a simple and cost-effective solution, whereas to install Bi-fold doors would probably involve restructuring a wall or some part of your home. French Doors can provide excellent ventilation, especially when both French Doors are open, and transform your doorway into a grand entrance.

New Space Windows and Conservatories offer French Doors in the very latest uPVC or Aluminum. High security hinges are fitted as standard to all French Doors and protectors are fitted to prevent intruders gaining access. Locking handles are fitted to both doors and of course – our multi-point locking system is standard across our entire French Door ranges.

Choosing a door for your home is a very important and difficult decision, particularly given the number of options available. You need to know you are choosing the right door for your home, a door that is as secure as it is stylish and that is designed to stand the test of time. New Space Windows and Conservatories offer a complete range of Residential doors including, uPVC, Composite, Aluminum and Solid Wood.

All New Space Windows and Conservatories doors are manufactured to our rigorous guidelines. Glass is then added to meet individual glazing requirements. Doors can be manufactured in a range of different styles with optional additions. With matching sidelights to let in more light, decorative glazing options, handles, letterboxes and knockers, you can personalise your front door to your exact preferences.

You can incorporate different types of glazing including obscure glass to maintain privacy, leaded, coloured, etched or beveled designs. All of these include a multitude of variations, so you are sure to find something to suit the style of your door and property.

Our residential doors are available as opening in or opening out and are designed to match perfectly with the window ranges we offer, allowing you to create a co-ordinated and attractive appearance for your home.…or select a colour of your choice!

If the colour you would like for your new door is not within our range of woodgrain foils, then choose your desired RAL colour and this will be applied to either smooth uPVC or White Woodgrain foil depending on your preferred finish. You can choose to have the colour applied to the inside and outside of the door or outside only leaving a fresh white internal finish.

New Space Windows and Conservatories residential doors not only provide a great aesthetic but have also been designed to offer excellent levels of security and Energy Efficiency. All our doors include a full security package, including anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap cylinder lock barrels as standard as well as high security shoot bolt locking, together with glazing that meets industry standards, choosing a New Space Windows and Conservatories door will be a well-made decision.

A composite door offers the appearance of a traditional front door, combined with the thermal performance and security levels required in today’s modern world. The wide range of attractive designs available will allow you to welcome guests in style.

Offering up to six times the insulation of a timber door, a composite door combines the look of timber with superb thermal performance making it the ultimate modern solution.

Whether your home is a rural retreat or on a busy main road, a composite door supplied and installed by New Space Windows and Conservatories guarantees low maintenance with secure and enduring performance.

Composite doors are made from a variety of materials, including uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP). This combination of materials results in a very strong and secure door. Composite doors have a high resistance to weathering and don’t react to seasonal changes like a singular material door would.

The insulation foam core provides a higher thermal resistance than timber doors. Composite doors are designed with an attractive woodgrain appearance but, because of the materials used, they won’t fade or discolour – and neither will they need painting, nor warp in damp conditions.

Our Composite doors are available in an array of glazing choices and colours to give your home a stunning appearance. Colour options for both the door and the frame include White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak, and Irish Oak, as well as Grey, Black, Blue, Green and Red. Or if you have a RAL colour you’d prefer, we can accommodate, it’s your door, your choice!

uPVC doors have become very popular for use in modern UK homes. uPVC possesses many benefits which make it an ideal material choice for a front or rear door. One of the most important factors of these doors are the low maintenance advantages, you’ll never have to worry about flake, chip or fade and your door will look as good as the day it was installed for years to come. Highly resistant to warping and weathering, your uPVC door will retain colour stability regardless of sunlight exposure. All it will ever need is a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time. As well as this, uPVC is highly affordable and a great insulator, keeping your home warm and bills low.

All our uPVC doors are offered with a large selection of glazing and furniture options and the customary White door is no longer the only uPVC option, we can offer an array or styles and colours to suit your requirements.

New Space Windows and Conservatories uPVC doors are strong and durable, add this together with our full security package, including anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap cylinder lock barrels as standard, delivered fully sealed, using the very latest technology and materials to provide superior insulation, guarantees security to your home.

Besides style and security, there’s another important reason to use uPVC doors in your home. uPVC is an energy efficiency material that helps reduce your energy bills. This material offers excellent insulation and protects your home from outside noise and cold. It’s also a fully recyclable material. Your home will look stylish whilst doing your bit for the environment and your bank balance.

You’ll also enjoy total peace of mind with our 10 Year Insurance Back Guarantee
as standard.

New Space Windows and Conservatories remarkable range of high quality wooden doors are crafted to add character, style and beauty to your home. We combine traditional high-quality joinery design with up-to-date manufacturing and quality control processes. Timber doors are an ideal choice for Conservation and listed buildings, all our doors look outstanding, whether we are matching existing joinery, adding a new style or returning your home to the way it originally looked.

The choice is just as impressive as the style and looks, with a whole range of classic and modern designs and a host of options from which to choose, any glass required for wooden doors can be single, double or triple glazed to control its look and thermal efficiency. each one fully finished with your choice door furniture.

Whatever your preference, your timber windows will be supplied stained or painted for durability and weather sealed to keep out draughts and retain heat in your home.

All our Timber doors are supplied and installed with our 10-year IBG cover.